Mon coeur est à Paris

And my mind, or so it would seem after looking at my latest creations. There is a distinctly Parisian theme, and there are still more ‘City of Lights’ pieces partially constructed, sitting on my work bench.

I am not sure what brought about this unintended theme – maybe it’s that I have not been to Paris for a few years now. I used to go at least every 2nd year, for ages, but now my last visit was 2011. Not an age, I know, but long enough to get me wondering about the streets and alleys, cafes and shops and general vibe that is Paris. Must be time to go back soon.

It’s a dilemma, because now that I am back working in the travel industry there are so many options available for our next holiday, it really is difficult to decide. Cuba is looking good, as is Colombia. Then again I’d love to travel to the Hebrides islands of Scotland, or cruise around Greenland. Russia would be great, as would the USA. Hardly life-altering decisions here, but still, on a quiet and lazy day my mind does wander to places further afield.

My hands have been wandering to all the bits and pieces that have a Paris theme and this is what I made this weekend.

These two bracelets are made with links from another antique bracelet that was a souvenir of the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution. This date, 1889, also coincides with the opening of the Eiffel Tower. There are two bracelets, one showing the Eiffel Tower and the other showing the Bastille.

Eiffel Tower Bracelet

Bastille Bracelet

I also re-used a Paris souvenir book locket from another necklace that didn’t sell and put it into a new design. This book locket opens to reveal a concertina of small black and white photos of Paris landmarks. These book lockets are getting so scarce – I have not seen one for sale for a long time.

Book locket 2 Book locket 1

Then there are these lovely mid-century glass pearl earrings, with a little bit of faded bling from the old rhinestones. It’s unusual for such tassels to last this long, some 70+ years and they seem to be in quite good condition. Great for a party or for softening a work suit.

Tassel earrings

I’m lucky enough to have another book locket to work with at the moment. This one is a rare purse locket, this time a souvenir of St. Etienne. I used to live fairly close to St. Etienne, when I lived in France back in the 1990s. St. Etienne was the nearest town to the farm I lived on. This little purse locket opens to reveal pictures of St. Etienne’s monuments. The necklace also has orange garnets, blue Tanzanite, antique chain and beautiful aged mother of pearl.

St Etienne necklace 2 St Etienne necklace 1

I used Baltic amber, black pearls and brass beads to make this lovely piece in Fall Colours. The pendant is in fact an old button that I bought in Melbourne. There is a great shop in Fitzroy called Provencal (I think) and it sells amazing French furniture and odds and ends.

Amber and Brass necklace

And continuing the Paris theme here is a pair of earrings made with Paris bracelet links, mother of pearl, old rhinestones and rubies.

Eiffel tower earrings

I added a few tribal/rustic pieces to my other range. I won’t show them all now but I do particularly like these earrings and this necklace. The earrings are so fantastic I may even make a pair for myself. The use vintage Naga shell beads and handmade rustic glass ball pins, along with blue Roman glass.

Naga shell earrings Quizzical necklace

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