Life speeds up

I’m sure I have used the heading ‘Life speeds up’ for a post in the past, but again, it happens that there is so much going on that I’m having to be hyper-organised in order to get everything done that I want to do.

I will always make time for jewellery designing and antiques – and I took this Friday off work just to catch up on a few things. I had a fun day of making things yesterday, and I have also re-stocked by antique supply shop with some stunning new pieces. I am taking a new direction with my antiques and focussing on rare and high quality pieces. There are plenty of new players selling cheapie stuff and I can’t compete with them, so why try?

I don’t usually put up photos of my antiques on my blog but here are some for sale at La Comtesse de Talaru.

My new approach is working well and customers are loving the time and effort I put into sourcing these amazing pieces. It’s hard not to want to keep it all!

I’ve made some jewellery for sale, and also some for myself.

Ermine mirror locket necklace

My favourite little critter, the ermine, features on this mirror locket necklace. I used lots of amazing treasures to create the chain, including antique silver George V coin chain and antique mother of pearl beads. This piece is for sale at L’Atelier de Talaru.

The cherub chatelaine watch case pictured above was from a chatelaine that I pulled apart to also get the pieces to make myself a divine Neoclassical earring and necklace set. I could never part with these pieces, they are so rare and would have to be my favourite elements to have ever worked with.

Neoclassical earrings Neoclassical pearl necklace

I also made for sale a long necklace with an antique pocket watch as the pendant (the stones are lovely labradorite and green garnets) and also an Art Deco rhinestone dress clip necklace with beautiful vintage glass beads.

Pocket watch necklace

Art deco necklace

I forgot to mention above this amazing horse chain I found. It has since sold to a regular customer, but you should zoom the photo and look at  the outstanding detail in this piece.

Horse chain

I’ve revisited an old favourite with this necklace. The original design had a different pendant and wasn’t selling, so I took it off and put on this simple French medal. I think it looks better and hope someone will fall in love with it. It’s for sale at L’Atelier de Talaru

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