Some old designs…revamped

I like to look through my collection of jewellery and fix up designs I am not wearing much anymore. Sometimes they have broken, or need a little adjustment to make them wear easier. One of my most precious designs is this necklace made with one of the finest enamel brooches I have ever seen.

emanel brooch necklace 1

Most of the design is hand painted, and the detail achieved in the hair and face is incredible. The helmet and shoulder armour is hand chased in the metal of the brooch, so this piece offers an unusual variety of techniques to achieve the design. The base of the brooch is silver and there is a grill type edge that you can’t see, where I have attached the brooch to the necklace chain.

enamel brooch necklace 2


I’ve used gemstones in colours that are complementary to the colours in the brooch – London Blue Topaz, big fat Rubies and creamy pearls. The chain is antique French chain in silver.

2 responses to “Some old designs…revamped

  • fancifuldevices

    thanks for linking me to your blog! i especially liked your post on competition and complainers- i get so much of that. and lots of times it seems folks look down angrily on factory-made goods just because they’re subconsciously angry that they can’t compete. well, that’s capitalism, and survival of the fittest and all that stuff.
    i also see you have a very classic style and then delve into tribal-i’d love to see how you might combine the two- if possible. or maybe the combination of those two elements is just my thing.

    • Melanie Dooley

      I agree on ‘that’s how a capitalist market works’. Often the reason a person can’t sell what they make is they are not making something that people want to buy. My tribal designs do not sell on Etsy…at all. But they sell like hoecakes at the monthly market I go to. Go figure?

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