To market I go

I have been feverishly making jewellery for a huge market I have on at the end of next week. This two day event attracts tens of thousands of shoppers and is the biggest maker’s market in Australia. I will be in the Vintage Emporium taking my work to a whole new audience.

I made a batch of ephemera bracelets for the event. Each bracelet has hand cut regional antique papers – such as stamps, letters, invoices and other documents. I seal each piece with plastic tape then set it into a bracelet and pour resin over the top. From the cutting stage to the resin hardening, it takes about 4 days. Any that are left over from the market will be offered here on Etsy – they do sell quick!


Wear one, wear a few. I love making these and love watching my customers as they carefully look at each one before choosing a favourite.



Elsewhere in the studio I’ve put together a few ‘Archaeology’ necklaces, using artefacts from domestic digs and elsewhere. Most of my parts are sourced from Eastern Europe – there seems to be a plethora of sellers coming up with these beautifully grungy, patina’d elements that can be artfully worked into designs.


I particularly love this one, as I hammered away at that piece of copper for the necklace for ages. It came up pretty well, I think.


I have also been working on a few antique assemblage pieces, and need to make a few more bracelets before the market. Tim wis quickly running out.


This Queen Victoria Jubilee necklace uses an 1887 medal which is a souvenir of the 50th anniversary of Queen Victoria’s reign. I love the grossular garnets used in the necklace chain – it’s unusual to see garnets in these autumnal shades.


I’m not sure that I will get time to photograph more pieces tomorrow, so anything left over from the market will be listed in my shop in the next few weeks.


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