Pour moi, pour toi

I’d been hoarding this snake/dragon chain for over a year, not really knowing how to use it. This weekend I got a burst of inspiration and used it in a design that features the most unique and special book locket I have ever seen.

The book locket features a series of black and white photos of ‘everyday life in Paris’ around the turn of the century/1900. They are incredibly detailed pictures, showing things like a car accident (no gore, thankfully), people at a market, people using a bus. It’s quite delightful and luckily the photos are in very good condition.

This one goes into the ‘moi’ pile – for me.




Pour toi – for you – is this new design to be listed for sale later today. It features lovely plump citrine stones with an unusual ladder pocket watch chain and a beautiful whitby jet and shell cameo pendant.

These whitby jet pendants were made in the 19th century as mourning jewellery, and the ones with a bit of colour in them signified that the wearer was now in half mourning, having passed through the stage of full mourning when only black could be worn.

Whitby jet with shell cameo is one of my most loved combinations and I have a few pieces in my own collection with these materials. I love the deep yellow citrine stones with the black – it’s a powerful combination.




That’s about all now for a cold and rainy day which is hopefully one of the few left this winter.

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