Update to the Curiosity Cabinet

I’ve slowly been adding items to my curiosity cabinet, as written about late last year – Curiosity Cabinet.

It’s nearly full which means I might have to get another one 😉

Here are some of the latest additions.

Bronze Sparrow

A bronze bird from France. I read somewhere that actual birds were moulded then cast. I am not sure on this one but the piece is thick bronze with plaster inside. It is also signed underneath. Here it is from another viewpoint.


Also for the cabinet are these two delightful small prints. One is hand coloured and both are small enough to fit in your hand. They are probably from a small book.


And a beautiful 18th century miniature painting set into an ivory frame. When looking at it with a magnifier, it is possible to see the brush strokes which quite possibly would have been made with a horse hair or similar.


Although not new to the cabinet, I wanted to share some of my daguerrotype collection. These old, mid-19th century photographs were common before printed photos were popular. The image is printed onto glass, and sometimes the faces had tinted cheeks and jewellery was highlighted in gold leaf. Sometimes the image comes off the glass, such as in the first photo below, and you are left with a distortion, but the sentiment of the original picture is undiminished. Although the frames are similar in design I do not believe these people are related to each other. The frames are in pressed brass sheet – a thin metal sheet moulded into these delightful frames.


3 responses to “Update to the Curiosity Cabinet

  • Erin

    Hi there! I was just doing some online research for a school project on the bronze casting process and I stumbled across your post you had made on Nov 9th of this year. It spoke of a certain bronze sculpture of a deceased bird you said you had picked up in France. I was wondering if you had anymore information on it, or what company or artist made it. Its a stunning piece, and I’d like to know more about it or see other works from the artist.



    • Melanie Dooley

      Hi Erin, thanks for your interest in my little bronze bird. I had. A look but cannot make out an artist’s mark or name. What I can tell you about it is that it’s a hollow piece that is filled with plaster. I guess the plaster was put in as it’s cheaper

      • Melanie Dooley

        Than bronze but still adds weight. The detail,is very fine. Who can say if this one is moulded from a real bird, but if not, it’s a very good sculpture.

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