Magical mystery changing necklace

Sometimes what you see as the finished product takes a few goes to get it right. My designs can go on a magical mystery tour before they reach a point of being ready for sale. Take this lovely design for example.

It started out like this…


Then after I wore it once or twice (which I do with every design, to make sure they ‘work’ as they should), I realised the pendant section was too light for the chain and the necklace did not sit straight when worn.

So, I made an adjustment and put a heavier pendant onto the chain.


This new pendant worked a treat and wore beautifully.

However a customer who really, desperately wanted the cyclamen pocket watch pendant asked if she could buy it, without the necklace. I agreed, and therefore had to find a new pendant for the necklace. I found one in a similar style but with a different design…


So there you have it…the journey of a necklace in three parts. This piece is listed for sale here.

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