Some interesting book lockets

For many years I have been buying, selling and collecting book lockets. These tiny little souvenirs were popular in France in the mid-1800s through to the mid-1900s. Most that I deal in come from the latter part of the 1800s.

I couldn’t tell you how many I have sold over the years – many! It is always hard to let them go because I never know when I will see another one the same. Some designs and styles are more common that others. For example a Joan of Arc or Lourdes book locket is relatively common. More obscure lockets become available from time to time and I try to buy them

I have a few of these book lockets worked into designs that I wear, and there are a few that I’ve not yet used. Here are four of the more unusual ones.

Book locketsFirst up is this delightful purse locket commemorating aviation pioneers. The pictures show various people involved in developing the aviation industry.

SONY DSC Early flight book locket


I’ve never seen another like that one so didn’t hesitate to grab it when I saw it.

Another rather rare book locket is this 1910 calendar, also from France. The rather long concertina pages that pull out have the entire name day calendar for the year of 1910, so you can look up your name day. Sweet!

1910 Calendar book locket



Napoleon book lockets can be hard to come by. There are a lot of collectors of Napoleon-related things and I felt lucky to come across this one, showing the chateau of Malmaison – home to Josephine Bonaparte.




Last, but not least, is a favourite theme for book lockets – Paris. Paris book lockets come in all shapes and sizes and the reason why this one is a little different is that it has the gargoyles of Notre Dame featured on the front. Most Paris book lockets have either the Eiffel Tower or a generic ‘souvenir’ cover.




I hope you’ve enjoyed this tour of book lockets. Next time I write about them I will feature the ones I have used in designs which are also quite rare and too special for me to let go of.

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