Settling in and getting busy

It’s been two months since we moved into our new home. We could not have designed a better home for us if we had tried. At this point in time I’d be happy to never leave this house. I have a huge studio in which to design all my creations, and two storage rooms plus a library that joins it all together. I’m getting back into making designs after a few weeks of settling in and getting stuck into the garden.We previously lived in an 80 square metre apartment. Now we have a 320 square metre house on a 950 square metre block. Luckily the garden is fairly easy maintenance but there is still quite a lot of work to do to create my veggie garden and we’re planning a fruit tree and citrus grove. Now that we’re in the tropics I will be able to grow bananas, papaya and all manner of exotic goodies.

I’ve always loved tropical plants and now I can indulge my love of ferns and palms with abandon. A local market sells fern feelings at 40 for $35…which is a real bargain. I’ve been working out all sorts of creative ways to plant them up.

Palm Planter

This planter was my compromise on not having a vertical garden. I wanted to cover a wall with ferns but it was proving to be quite an expensive and cumbersome exercise. Maybe another time. So instead, I bought this tall planter and filled it with baby ferns. They’ve since about doubled in size and are thriving.

And finally I am able to grow Maidenhair Ferns. I have never had luck with them but there is a spot in my kitchen where they get enough sun and I can keep the water up to hem, as they like to be wet. This fern is now also about twice the size since I took this photo.

Maidenhair Fern

Here’s an unusual birds nest fern, with wrinkly leaves.

Birds Nest Fern

Another thing I love about our new city is the plethora of farmer’s markets. There is one about a 20 minute drive from my house, down by the beach, which I go to every Sunday to stock up on my weekly fruit and veg. Because I am primarily vegetarian, eating only a little bit of fish, I rely on good fresh fruit and veg, and this new market does not disappoint. Here’s haul from a recent trip there.

Fruit n Veg 1 Fruit n veg 2

Lots of exotic things like finger limes, turmeric, avocados and limes. I make a green smoothie each day for breakfast and fill it up with lots of this lovely goodness.

Green Smoothie

My house has heaps of character, as it was built in the late 1960s, so is about as old as I am – a year or two older. I love this stone wall in the formal lounge – it looks very different from day to night.


And at night…

Lounge in Daylight

My house is also the perfect environment for growing orchids. I left a whole lot behind with my parents when I left Melbourne, but have been able to enjoy the more tropical variety up here – moth orchids.


Lime Orchid

Pink orchid

We’ve seen extremes of weather up here – from cyclones, to mega storms to balmy sunny days. Right now, at the end of winter, it’s rarely below 20 degrees during the day, and mostly mid 20s.

Mega Storm

Mega storm in May that dropped so much water cars were floating down the road.

Sunset at Scarborough

Beautiful sunsets by the marina.


Getting a dose of vitamin D.

Serge has enjoyed having a yard of his own for the first time ever. He patrols it and does ‘bark offs’ with the neighbourhood dogs. Our place is quite elevated and all we can see from our yard is trees, and glimpses of rooftops. So Serge sends out test barks and waits for a reply then starts barking like mad. We have to keep him under control in case the neighbours complain…he’s generally pretty good.


Here he is in the yard. That bricked area will hopefully one day be replaced by a pool.

Looking up

I keep an account on Instagram, which I try to post to every day. Look for me under the username VULTICULUS. And of course I have made some jewellery here and there. Some favourite recent creations include:

L'Atelier de Talaru Necklaces




There is more at L’Atelier de Talaru.

And I even made time to update my cushion cover shop, Maison de Talaru, and some new designs as well:

Cushion Cover

So that’s about all for now. I’m finding that with more activity on Instagram and Facebook, I am blogging less often, but I hope to offer more in-depth blogs. I’m also working on some video tutorials, hopefully to launch one soon.

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