Eclectic Tribal Bohemian Handmade Jewellery

tribu banner 2013

Earthy, organic bohemian designs with a hint of tribal – that’s Talaru Tribu.

Stemming from a desire to use quality handmade components such as ceramic beads, lamp work glass, natural elements such as shell, bone and wood, Talaru Tribu came into being. I buy all of my components from independent artisans who make a living from their craft.

Talaru Tribu designs are a riot of colour and texture. They are very worldly, with my design elements sourced from as far afield as Nepal, India, the USA, Europe and beyond.

Naga shell beads from Nepal, handmade ceramic beads from Germany, handrolled glass beads from Indonesia and archaeological dig finds from Latvia – they all make their way into my Talaru Tribu designs.

Talaru Tribu designs are constructed with the same care and aesthetic as my antique assemblage range – L’Atelier de Talaru. Nothing hits my store until it is, in my eyes, perfect.

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